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Read our news about our whiskies, about our whiskyworld, and especially about our Whiskyshop!

News from 15-5-2020: No more whiskytastings ...???
All whiskytastings in our tastingroom are temporary cancelled.
Therefore we offer “Whisky Nosing & Tasting Samplesets” for “whiskytastings at home”. Samplesets accompanied by a  tastingsheet and in some cases a intro film.
In the agenda for whiskytastings you can find the available and upcoming samplesets with the release date and availability.

You can order via our webshop at "ASSORTIMENT/WHISKY N&T SAMPLESETS". Or collect the samplesets in our shop. Or send us a mail.

News from 3-1-2020: No more late night shopping in our whiskyshop…
We ended the late night shopping opening on Thursday evening. The customers have done that already years ago...

News from 16-5-2019: Whiskies from Third Parties... 
We have been selling whiskies from "third parties" through our whiskyshop and webshop for years. They can then use our sales channels, national and international. This is becoming more and more this time. That is why we have now created a separate group in our whiskyrange on our website. Would you also like to try to sell a whisky from your collection through us? Then contact us. 

Have a look on the new whiskygroup!

News from 6-4-2016: Newsletter…
We are going to use our Newsletter again! News about our whisky nosing & tastings. About special Stocknews. About Special offers. Etc etc. Our new website offers new possibilities. And we are going to use them!

Do you want to keep in touch with us by mail? Sign up (again) for our Newsletter. Also in English! We will not use our old mailingsystem...